Midi Red Atomic Mermaid Bangle

Los Flamingo

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Our bangle designs are hugely inspired by our love for carved Bakelite. It was most popular during the Art Deco period, which began in 1909 and lasted until the 1940’s. These pieces were created as costume jewellery and were an inexpensive way to dress up clothing or an outfit.

We have emulated this with our creations whilst also drawing inspiration from mid-century modern design, art, culture and fashion from the heyday.

Specs - 

- Width: 9mm
- Inside diameter: 69mm
- Atomic space age design  
- Intricately hand carved
- Made from a nontoxic resin
- Available in a range of colours - wear them on their own or mix and match
*Please note all of our bangles are handmade so there may be slight variations.